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The 6th “Golden Key” Awarding Ceremony, 52 Employees Receive Cars

2014-01-16 поделятся информации Распечатать эту страницу

January 15, 2014, the 6th “Golden Key” Car Awarding ceremony of Jereh group was held in its natural gas industrial park. 52 outstanding employees from different departments received a FIAT car as reward. So far, Jereh has awarded more than 200 cars, a total value of nearly 4.2 million US dollars, to their employees since the first awarding ceremony in 2008.

It is estimated that among this year’s 52 winners, 80% are the post-80s generation, and 20% of them are even post-85s. They are excellent engineers, administrators, employees doing supporting work as well as workers at the production line. Young and short entry is one of the great features of the winners this year. Mr. Lee, HR Director, said in an interview, “Jereh is very happy to create more opportunities for employees who work hard. “As long as you pay, there will be a return.” That has been Jereh’s enterprise credo since 1999. And “Golden Key” Award is only one of many incentive methods aiming to encourage and reward those who contributed a lot to the business operation and management of Jereh. We expect to build a better career platform to attract more talents to join us.”

52 Employees were awarded cars for their excellent work

Winners took the “golden key” from the Executive V.P

A Happy Winner

Group Photo of Award winners

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